Nymph PubSub Config


  • Config


broadcastCounts: boolean

Allow clients to request to be notified when other clients subscribe to the same queries.

entries: string[]

The URLs of the Nymph-PubSub servers to directly publish to. These servers are how this host will enter the PubSub network. If you only have one PubSub server, it needs to be listed here.

logger: ((...args) => void)

Type declaration

    • (...args): void
    • Function to log PubSub info/error messages.


      • Rest ...args: any[]

      Returns void

originIsAllowed: ((origin) => boolean)

Type declaration

    • (origin): boolean
    • Determine whether a client's origin is allowed to connect.


      • origin: string

      Returns boolean

relays: string[]

The URLs of additional Nymph-PubSub servers to relay publishes to. If this host is a PubSub server, these servers are how it will continue into your PubSub network.

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