Type alias EntityConstructor

EntityConstructor: (new (...args) => EntityInterface) & {
    class: string;
    nymph: Nymph;
    factory(guid?) => Promise<EntityInterface>;
    factoryReference(reference) => EntityInterface;
    factorySync() => EntityInterface;
    serverCallStatic(method, params) => Promise<any>;

Type declaration

Type declaration

  • class: string

    The lookup name for this entity.

    This is used for reference arrays (and sleeping references) and client requests.

  • nymph: Nymph

    The instance of Nymph to use for queries.

  • factory:function
  • factoryReference:function
  • factorySync:function
  • serverCallStatic:function
    • Call a static method on the server version of this entity.


      • method: string

        The name of the method.

      • params: Iterable<any>

        The parameters to call the method with.

      Returns Promise<any>

      The value that the method on the server returned.

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