AdminUserData: CurrentUserData & {
    cancelEmailAddress?: string;
    cancelEmailSecret?: string;
    emailChangeDate?: number;
    group?: Group & AdminGroupData;
    groups?: (Group & AdminGroupData)[];
    newEmailAddress?: string;
    newEmailSecret?: string;
    passwordTemp?: string;
    recoverSecret?: string;
    recoverSecretDate?: number;
    revokeTokenDate?: number;
    secret?: string;

Type declaration

  • Optional cancelEmailAddress?: string

    The old email address.

  • Optional cancelEmailSecret?: string

    An email change cancellation secret.

  • Optional emailChangeDate?: number

    The timestamp of when the email address was last changed.

  • Optional group?: Group & AdminGroupData

    The user's primary group.

  • Optional groups?: (Group & AdminGroupData)[]

    The user's secondary groups.

  • Optional newEmailAddress?: string

    The new email address.

  • Optional newEmailSecret?: string

    An email change proceed secret.

  • Optional passwordTemp?: string

    Used by admins to change a user's password. Not saved to the database.

  • Optional recoverSecret?: string

    A recovery secret.

  • Optional recoverSecretDate?: number

    The timestamp of when the recovery secret was issued.

  • Optional revokeTokenDate?: number

    If set, this timestamp is the cutoff point for JWT issue dates. Any token issued before this date will not authenticate the user.

  • Optional secret?: string

    A verification secret.

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