Module @nymphjs/guid - v1.0.0-beta.61

Nymph GUID / Unique Code Generator

Powerful object data storage and querying.

The GUID and unique code generators are used to generate new GUIDs for Nymph objects and various random unique strings.


npm install --save @nymphjs/guid


There are a few functions for generating different kinds of strings.

import {
} from '@nymphjs/guid';

// This generates a GUID. It will be 24 characters long, and the first four
// characters will be the same during a whole week. (This helps make DB index
// paging more efficient.)
const myGuid = guid();

// This can be used as a table suffix in SQL queries. It will be 20 characters
// long and alphanumeric.
const myTableSuffix = makeTableSuffix();

// This will be a human readable secret code. It will be 10 characters long and
// use the nolookalikesSafe dictionary from nanoid-dictionary.
const mySecretCode = humanSecret();

// This is the nanoid library's main export. It is exported in commonjs format.
const id = nanoid();

// This is the nanoid library's customAlphabet export.
const customId = customAlphabet('abc', 20)();


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