See It in Action

These demos use Nymph, and all querying is done entirely on the client side with subscriptions. Try opening the same one in two windows, and see one window react to changes in the other.

ToDo App See the Demo See the Source
Sudoku Game See the Demo See the Source
Simple Clicker See the Demo See the Source

Why Nymph

Why use Nymph when you can just use plain old SQL?

I like to think of Nymph's query language as a BTSQL (Better Than SQL) language, but you can decide for yourself:

Nymph Query from Frontend

No need for a specific endpoint here. Nymph uses the same endpoint for all client side queries.

Equivalent SQL Query from Frontend

Without Nymph, every time you want a new type of query available on the frontend, you're going to need to either modify this endpoint or create a new one.

Easy to Integrate

Nymph is very easy to integrate into Angular, React, Ember, Svelte, and more. Check out the demos.

[your framework of choice] and Nymph, a Love Story

Nymph's easy querying on the client makes it perfect for building complex apps with a frontend framework. Because you don't have to write SQL, almost all of your logic can be on the client side, if you prefer. That means fewer round trips, more responsive interfaces, and happier customers.

Creating a new type of entity is simple in Nymph. You can code your logic on the PHP or JS side, and access it all the same. If you're already invested in a data store, Nymph's REST endpoint library makes it easy to integrate anywhere in your app.

It's not just for frontend. Nymph will integrate with all PHP backend frameworks. Nymph is designed to be flexible.