Node Client

The Nymph Node Client let's you do everything the Nymph Client does, but from Node.JS instead of the browser.


npm install --save @nymphjs/client-node

This package is the Nymph client for Node.js. You can find CJS in dist, or TS source in src. There is also a browser client.

This package provides fetch and WebSocket ponyfills to Nymph and handles Tilmeld auth tokens.


To use, require it instead of @nymphjs/client:

const { Nymph, PubSub } = require('@nymphjs/client-node');

Then set up Nymph and PubSub like normal:

const nymphOptions = {
  restUrl: 'https://yournymphrestserver/path/to/your/endpoint',
  pubsubUrl: 'wss://yournymphpubsubserver',
const nymph = new Nymph(nymphOptions);
const pubsub = new PubSub(nymphOptions, nymph);