GUID / Unique Code Generator

The GUID and unique code generators are used to generate new GUIDs for Nymph objects and various random unique strings.


npm install --save @nymphjs/guid


There are a few functions for generating different kinds of strings.

import {
} from '@nymphjs/guid';

// This generates a GUID. It will be 24 characters long, and the first four
// characters will be the same during a whole week. (This helps make DB index
// paging more efficient.)
const myGuid = guid();

// This can be used as a table suffix in SQL queries. It will be 20 characters
// long and alphanumeric.
const myTableSuffix = makeTableSuffix();

// This will be a human readable secret code. It will be 10 characters long and
// use the nolookalikesSafe dictionary from nanoid-dictionary.
const mySecretCode = humanSecret();

// This is the nanoid library's main export. It is exported in commonjs format.
const id = nanoid();

// This is the nanoid library's customAlphabet export.
const customId = customAlphabet('abc', 20)();