Tilmeld Client

The Tilmeld Client lets you register, login, and perform user account related functions remotely on a Nymph server.


npm install --save @nymphjs/tilmeld-client

You can find UMD in dist, or TS source in src.


The Tilmeld client contains the client versions of the User and Group entities. It also contains helpers, login, register, and checkUsername.

Once you've initialized Nymph Client, set the User and Group classes on it. Then initialize the new User class with the Nymph instance. (This allows the class to set up authentication listeners.)

import { Nymph } from '@nymphjs/client';
import {
  User as UserClass,
  Group as GroupClass,
} from '@nymphjs/tilmeld-client';

const nymph = new Nymph({
  restUrl: 'https://yournymphrestserver/path/to/your/endpoint',
const User = nymph.addEntityClass(UserClass);
const Group = nymph.addEntityClass(GroupClass);

If you're running more than one instance of Nymph client, be sure to use the classes returned by addEntityClass, so as not to accidentally submit entities from one instances to another instance.