Tilmeld Setup

The Tilmeld Setup App allows administrators to create, modify, and delete users and groups and configure how Tilmeld works. It also acts as the endpoint for email address verification.


npm install --save @nymphjs/tilmeld-setup


You need to setup a Nymph REST endpoint, then you can use the Tilmeld Setup App as another endpoint in your Express server.

IMPORTANT: Within the setup app, Tilmeld does not check for XSRF tokens, so do not put your REST endpoint under the setup app's path, or you will be vulnerable to XSRF attacks!

For this example, I'll use the SQLite3 driver with an in-memory database.

import express from 'express';
import SQLite3Driver from '@nymphjs/driver-sqlite3';
import { Nymph } from '@nymphjs/nymph';
import { Tilmeld } from '@nymphjs/tilmeld';
import createServer from '@nymphjs/server';
import setup from '@nymphjs/tilmeld-setup';

// Import all the entities you will be using on the server.
import './entities/MyEntity';

// Configure Nymph.
const nymph = new Nymph(
  new SQLite3Driver({
    filename: ':memory:',
  new Tilmeld({
    appName: 'My App',
    appUrl: 'http://localhost',
    cookieDomain: 'localhost',
    cookiePath: '/',
    setupPath: '/user',
    verifyRedirect: 'http://localhost',
    verifyChangeRedirect: 'http://localhost',
    cancelChangeRedirect: 'http://localhost',
    jwtSecret: 'shhhhh',

// Create your Express app.
const app = express();

// Use the REST server.
app.use('/rest', createServer(nymph));

// Create Tilmeld setup app.
      restUrl: 'http://localhost/rest',

// Do anything else you need to do...

// Start your server.